Transdermal Cocktails

Dark circles
and Eye puffing

EYEBELLE peptide® is a balanced formula for the sensitive skin around the eyes. This product improves the eye shadow and eye puffiness around the eyes.


EYEBELLE peptide®

Treatment against dark circles and eye puffing.

Transdermal Cocktail — Whitening


Active treatment against skin stains and spots.

Transdermal Cocktail — Whitening

Whitening & brightening

Our formulation prevents and erases melanin skin imperfections by blocking signals set by keratinocytes in the route of synthesis of melanin, inhibiting MIFT´s, melanin synthesis enzymes and blocking transportation of melanin

Ligthening Peptide - Transdermal mesotherapy Cocktails for aesthetic professionals - Persebelle

Skin lifting

Our product contains LIFTIMAX LF5, which blocks muscle contraction, inhibiting the SNAP-25 protein and blocking the formation of the SNARE complex which would release acetyl choline. With time, gets a reversion of expression lines

Facebotolift treatment, anti-aging treatment - Persebelle


Provides a strong Botox-like lifting effect on the skin.

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

ANTIAGING peptide®

Slows down aging process of the skin

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

Global aging

Our product provides a combination of benefits: free radicals scavenging capacity ROS and RNS, decrease of oxidative stress, inhibition of AP-1 expression of metalloproteinases induction so avoiding collagen degradation.

Anti-aging treatments - Persebelle

Soft filler

this product contains FILLERFIT HA which is hight purified HA with HMW. This new HA is an innovation that gets very good results at erasing fine wrinkles. Also has botox like peptides that diffuse to the muscle and improves the action

Antiwrinkles treatments - Persebelle


Soft filler to erase expression lines.

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

FIRMING peptide®

Improves skin firmness blocking sagging and flaccidity.

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

Skin firmness

Our product is a booster for the synthesis of the 4 main group of structural proteins that maintain skin cohesion: collagen fibers, adhesion proteins, elastin fibers and integrins.

Firming Anti-Aging Treatment - Persebelle

Skin hydration

Our products contains COMPLEXIA FORTE 55 in optimal concentration for an impressive boosting effect. This product can be combine with the rest of Persebelle references to potentiate their effects.

Hydration treatment. Belle 211- Persebelle

BELLE211 revit®

Provides well balanced nutrition of the skin to get strong hydration

Transdermal Cocktail — Hydration


Stimulates regeneration and hair growing also anchoring and density.

Transdermal Cocktail — Hair loss treatment

Hair growth

Innovative formulation that provides the right substances to synthesize prostaglandins PGE2 and PGD2. Is a new approach as a key factor for androgen signal regulation and growth factors. In a 6-month period activates the Anagen phase and leaves few follicles in Telogen phase

Anti-hair loss treatment. Hair revitalizer - Persebelle

Fat body treatment

Our products combines the efficacy of DA and PPC with new smart peptides approach. Blocks and enhances different mechanisms involved in lipid metabolism. This product really sculpt the contour of the body by non surgery treatment

Treatment to reduce body fat - Persebelle

LIPO peptide®

Sculpting product to remodel contour by reducing subcutaneus fat

Transdermal Cocktail — Body sculpting

CELLU peptide®

Combats all the different types of cellulite smoothing the skin and erasing orange peel appearance

Transdermal Cocktail — Body sculpting

Cellulite treatment

Contains actives that blocks and activates different mechanism involved in cellulite, lipolysis, adipogenesis, inflammation blood microcirculation and oxidation in the area. Is effective to treat cellulite in all grade stages for orange-peel appearance, 0 to 8

Cellulite treatment, products for professionals - Persebelle

Lipo face

Innovative formula for the skin of the face with Fatblock® compound. By smart mechanism, remodels the contour of the face, especially double chin. Painless and no side effects formulation.

Fat Face sculpting treatment for professionals - Persebelle

FAT FACE peptide®

Smart concept to Sculpt the face and neck, especially double chin area

Transdermal Cocktail — Body sculpting


Effective product with fibrinolytic effect in the treatment of cellulite

Transdermal Cocktail — Body sculpting

Cellulite treatment

Modifies the permeability of the epithelial and connective tissues promoting depolymerization of fibrous edema facilitating local metabolic changes and the diffusion of other products when is combined with Cellu peptide

Hyaluronic treatment for cellulite - Persebelle