Transdermal Cocktails

Skin lifting

Our product contains LIFTIMAX LF5, which blocks muscle contraction, inhibiting the SNAP-25 protein and blocking the formation of the SNARE complex which would release acetyl choline. With time, gets a reversion of expression lines

Facebotolift treatment, anti-aging treatment - Persebelle


Provides a strong Botox-like lifting effect on the skin.

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

ANTIAGING peptide®

Slows down aging process of the skin

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

Skin lifting

Our product provides a combination of benefits: free radicals scavenging capacity ROS and RNS, decrease of oxidative stress, inhibition of AP-1 expression of metalloproteinases induction so avoiding collagen degradation.

Anti-aging treatments - Persebelle

Soft filler

this product contains FILLERFIT HA which is hight purified HA with HMW. This new HA is an innovation that gets very good results at erasing fine wrinkles. Also has botox like peptides that diffuse to the muscle and improves the action

Antiwrinkles treatments - Persebelle


Soft filler to erase expression lines.

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

FIRMING peptide®

Improves skin firmness blocking sagging and flaccidity.

Transdermal Cocktail — Aging

Skin firmness

Our product is a booster for the synthesis of the 4 main group of structural proteins that maintain skin cohesion: collagen fibers, adhesion proteins, elastin fibers and integrins.

Firming Anti-Aging Treatment - Persebelle