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Innova tion and high quality DISCOVER PERSEBELLE for aesthetic purposes Mesoceuticals products DISCOVER THE PERSEBELLE PRODUCTS Persebelle mesoceuticals

Mesoceutical products for aesthetic purposes.

We position ourselves in the professional cosmetics market, specialising in mesotherapy products applied with medical aesthetic devices.

Active ingredients

Pure active ingredient, preservative and excipients free to make sterile products with no thermal treatment.


State of the art facilities with GMP pharma manufacturing facilities to make high quality, effective and safe products to patients

3 in 1 treatments

1. No discomfort during application.
2. Excellent results
3. No side effects post treatment

persebelle® - innovation and quality

Persebelle® Products

Transdermal Cocktails
Antiwrinkles- Aging- Persebelle
AGING - Transdermal Cocktail & AGING - Transdermal Cocktail & AGING - Transdermal Cocktail & AGING - Transdermal Cocktail


Hair Revitalizer- Hair loss- Persebelle
HAIR GROWTH - Transdermal Cocktail


Belle 211- Persebelle
HYDRATION - Transdermal Cocktail

BELLE 211 revit®

Celu Body Sculpting- Persebelle
BODY SCULPTING - Transdermal Cocktail & BODY SCULPTING - Transdermal Cocktail & BODY SCULPTING - Transdermal Cocktail & BODY SCULPTING - Transdermal Cocktail

CELLU peptide®

persebelle® - official distribution

Distribution for professionals

If you'd like to be a Persebelle® distributor and become part of our international company:


Tell us your country

Tell us which country you want to establish a distribution deal and we will thoroughly analyse the possibilities of doing so.


Send us your business plan & market information.

A team of professionals will analyse the provided information and prepare a feasibility report for our goods’ access to the target country’s market.


Signing of commercial agreement.

Once we have reviewed the target country’s market and the feasibility report, we can negotiate and sign a win-win commercial agreement and our partnership will begin.



Dra. Guiomar Martín

Cosmetic surgeon

doctor Yavuz


Cosmetic Surgeon

modelo morena posando


Cosmetic Surgeon

There are three things I look for in my aestetic treatments: Security, efficiency and few secondary effects, that is why I use Persebelle products with my patients.

"The ingredients of the products are very strong and I am so happy to see the activities and the very satisfying results on the faces of my patients"

Facebotolift peptide® is the best of the Mesotherapy products I apply to improve skin quality and provide antiaging. Firming peptide® applied in the middle face regress all the signs of aging in all my patients. The results in the neck area are incredible. Even patients from abroad come to Turkey from their countries to apply for mesotherapy.

About the company, persebelle®

Inovation and quality on professional cosmetic,

Wide experience in the cosmetics and aesthetics sectors, especially in mesotherapy products applied with medical and aesthetic devices. Our products are based on innovation with last generation active ingredients, using pharmaceutical processes for their development and production.

  • Our products are based on pharma development using innovative and smart actives to get excellent results with no side effects.
  • Our company is in constant innovation, producing aesthetic products under pharma requirements, this is our differentiation.


Years of experience

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Mesotherapy news and articles

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Get scientifically and medically based treatments in the field of professional cosmetics.

Are you a professional, shall we talk?

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Get scientifically and medically based treatments in the field of professional cosmetics.