Transdermal Cocktails

Dark circles
and eye puffing

EYEBELLE peptide® is a balanced formula for the sensitive skin around the eyes. This product improves the eye shadow and eye puffiness around the eyes.

bote con producto de persebelle - Eyebelle peptide

EYEBELLE peptide®

Treatment against dark circles and eye puffing.

Transdermal Cocktail — Whitening


Active treatment against skin stains and spots.

Transdermal Cocktail — Whitening

Whitening & brightening

Our formulation prevents and erases melanin skin imperfections by blocking signals set by keratinocytes in the route of synthesis of melanin, inhibiting MIFT´s, melanin synthesis enzymes and blocking transportation of melanin

Ligthening Peptide - Transdermal mesotherapy Cocktails for aesthetic professionals - Persebelle