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Mesotherapy for dark circles and eye puffing

Infraorbital dark circles represent a common and multifactorial challenge in the world of aesthetic medicine and are the result of a variety of factors including deep facial anatomy, soft tissue…

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Una chica aplicando a otra un tratamiento de mesoterapia

Persebelle’s advanced face lifting treatment

Our face skin is our most delicate and complex, rendering it prone to the physiological changes caused by aging. It is inherently tied to the functions of the face muscles,…

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Doctors reviews about Fat Face peptide, new treatment for localized fat in the face, double chin.

The issue we wish to solve During youth, our fast metabolism ensures that our skin tightens after losing weight, avoiding stretch marks and other consequences of rapid changes in appearance.…

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Anti-aging treatments for professionals - Persebelle

Mesotherapy, the future of cosmetic treatments.

Mesotherapy is a medical technique created as a faster, non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery. Through the use of specialized needles for microinjections, commonly called ‘mesotherapy guns’, small amounts of the…

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