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During youth, our fast metabolism ensures that our skin tightens after losing weight, avoiding stretch marks and other consequences of rapid changes in appearance. Aging makes the mechanisms influencing this slow down, causing these marks to appear in the face and body as weight is lost. This can be an issue with face skin, where these marks are more noticeable.

Women at any age want to feel that they have a beautiful body and face. Up to thirty years, the body uses its natural mechanisms to protect itself from accumulating fat, but with age, metabolism and lipolysis slow down and weight can drastically increase, often accumulating around the hip and waist.

Changes also appear in the face, deposits of soft tissues of fat form under the skin. With time, gravity will provoke it to fall, sagging the cheeks, neck skin and forming double chins.

A smart solution!

It’s often thought that fat does not rhyme with beauty, yet society has changed in the past decade. Ample cheeks and plump lips make people look healthier, youthful and more attractive.

Sadly, genetics play a large role on such features and people are affected differently by age. Fats can be of different qualities, and how much of one type or another you have is down to genetics. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to correct these genetic issues.

Modern cosmetology has studied ways to bring people the face they want to have without performing invasive cosmetic surgeries.

Fat Face Peptide, an understandable, logical and harmless method that poses no risk to our patients, a cosmetic product whose formulation is effective at changing fat deposits, affecting fat deposits in ways that counteracts sagging, sculpts the face and prevents the formation of double chin.

How it works:

While most other formulations use agents that simply kill the fat cells responsible for local fat formations. Persebelle has envisioned a formula that works in a completely different way, acting on three fronts: accelerating lipolysis and controlling lipogenesis and adipogenesis.

Fat Face Peptide’s active agents ensure the amount of fat in the face is corrected. You would think that after the fat is eliminated, the skin could sag and counteract the results provided by the formulation. But we included a modelling complex composed of peptides and other agents that help with this issue, with each session, it applies lifting, nutritional and hydrating effects to the skin, which is further increased with the use of biorevitalizing formulas like Belle211 revit.

Application methods:

The product is applied in the face’s middle and low third by a trained physician. After consultation, the product is applied through one of the various mesotherapy devices available and goes into the subcutaneous epidermis in the selected face areas. It’s recommended to apply around 2 to 3ml in each session. Treatment can last from 3 to 5 weeks with weekly sessions.

No anesthesia is involved, and the session lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, after which you can safely go home. It’s recommended to treat the area of application with chlorhexidine or miramistin after the session.

Applications of the formulation isn’t recommended if there are clear inflammatory processes in the tissues of the face. It must be applied with medical supervision and the physician’s recommendations and instructions must be followed before, during and after the application.

Beyond these few things, there is little else to say! Fat Face Peptide is safe, non-invasive and efficient product designed for ease of use.

Post-treatment considerations.

After application, the most common side effects include redness and a feeling of warmth in the areas of application which disappear during the first day. You should be able to see results the day after the application, though please take into consideration that, while Fat Face peptide is an effective tool to correct the face’s fat deposits, one single procedure will not be enough.

Your physician will recommend what is best for you, treatments can go on for weeks or months with weekly applications depending on what is best for your individual case. After three applications, results will begin to show in earnest, with noticeable changes in contours and definition as fat deposits are smoothed around the chin and nose.

It’s recommended to avoid subjecting the face to heat for 10 days, such as when sunbathing, entering a sauna or visiting a bathhouse.

A biorevitalizing formulation can be used together with Fat Face Peptide. While undergoing two procedures might sound risky, these agents are made to ensure that the process is smooth and without risk.


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