Our face skin is our most delicate and complex, rendering it prone to the physiological changes caused by aging. It is inherently tied to the functions of the face muscles, and how they operate as we age:
Our facial muscles are categorized into two: levators and depressors. In younger people these are finely balanced to maintain the ‘lifted’ aspect of the face. With age our facial muscles change. As time passes, the levator facial muscles that maintain the skin ‘lifted’ up are less active and the depressors take the spotlight, causing a drooping effect on visage skin which we call wrinkles, one of the main signs of aging on the human skin.

Many medical experts have studied ways to modify the appearance of wrinkles, and two methods stood out:

  • By acting over the face muscles and blocking their contraction.
  • By filling them using HA in different concentrations.

Persebelle firmly believes in mesotherapy as one of the best techniques in aesthetic treatment, following the mesoceutical principles, we designed a thorough formula that is logical, safe, effective and simple and focussed on expressions wrinkles. Our innovative Facebotolift mesopeptide formula, with Liftimax LF5, relaxes the muscle, blocking the contraction that would form the wrinkle and achieving a strong Botox-like effect by inhibiting the SNAP-25 protein of the receptor of SNARE and blocking the formation of the SNARE complex in the motor neuron. With Facebotolift, you can maintain the firmness of your facial skin and ensure a potent lifting effect.

This was achieved with natural ingredients, the right physiological values and extensive in-vitro testing to avoid any sort of damage or side effect on the skin, ensuring a completely safeproduct. This optimal combination of biomolecules and actives has already shown impressive results and we are proud to make it a part of our Persebelle product range.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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